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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My wife has a paid ad on an adult personals site and has, by her count, fucked more than 400 men.  These are some of the testimonials men have written online after an afternoon or a long night fucking her.

"One of the best things about sex with her is her husband knows where she is so there is no need to rush.  Spending the night with her is an amazing experience."

"She is so tight, it's like she milks the cum out of your cock!"

"Gents, I'm here to tell that this lady is capable of draining you something fierce! She has some awesome technique; make her happy and you'll get it back in spades!"

"What a tiger! She is what we call enthusiastic for sure. Certainly loves to fuck and is multi-orgasmic. Mmmmm what erotic times, I bet the folks in the next room enjoyed the noise too!"

"One sexy woman, hot and sensual, a LOT naughty. I really hope to fuck her more often."

"I smile everytime I pass the Holiday Inn just thinking about how many times you can cum and how wet you can get!"

"You may have had your dick sucked before but you’ve never had a blowjob until this lady honors you with one.  She can do things with her tongue you won’t believe."

I guess she must still be a pretty good fuck although in the past 9 years I wouldn't know.  And now that I'm castrated, other men will still know but I will never know again.

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