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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I lined up the cock in my hand to just the right spot, noticing my red lipstick print about six inches down on it and about two inches up from the base. When I said now, he began pushing forward, sliding his cock between my red nail tipped fingers until I pulled my hand off and he shoved forward burying all eight inches and bringing out a loud moan.  As he pulled almost seven inches out and then slammed forward, another moan sounded out followed by a gasp as his cock bottomed out.  I was so hyper-aware of everything in the room, the smell of my perfume, the taste of my lipstick, the motion of the dangling earrings hanging from my pierced ears.  I could feel the tightness of my bra, the silkiness of my slip, the soft feel of my Silk Reflection thigh-high hose and the arch of my foot in the fashionable Gloria Vanderbilt stilettos I wore.  I was very aware also of how hard my little cock was as I listened to the sounds coming from the bed where he was slamming his cock in and out of my wife.  You see, the spot I had guided his cock was the opening of my wife's pussy and I held it steady as he pushed it into her.  How can I describe the humiliation of the moment as I watched that cock I had been sucking earlier slide deeper into my wife than I had ever been.  The shame I felt as orgasm after orgasm shot through her, more orgasms in just a few minutes from him than I managed to give her in a week.  My cock, what little there is of it was so hard and it was difficult to keep my hands off of it.  It was so erotic watching him fuck her, seeing her reactions to sex that lasted longer than a couple of minutes, hearing her saying little things about "so deep" and "so good."  In other words, seeing how she reacted to a real man instead of a premature ejaculating, sissy wimp like me, her cuckold husband.  And cuckold is definitely a right description of me as this was not the first man she had fucked by a long shot nor was it the first of her boyfriends I had sucked before they fucked her.  The humiliation of the entire afternoon was so wonderful, sucking his cock that was so much bigger and longer than me, guiding his cock into my wife, the orgasms he gave her, the sounds she made.  Of course I get new humiliations all the time since she currently has four boyfriends that she's fucking.  In fact, she's been spending the afternoon with one of them while I've been home writing this.  The only reason I'm jealous is he's not bisexual and I don't get to suck his cock hard before he fucks her.  Oh well, a sissy can't have everything.

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